Self Space

A space for sharing intimate selfies.


Self Space by Washing Dishes is a place where you are invited to share your own vision of eroticism and intimacy without taboos or judgment. Submissions can be made anonymously, if you wish.

There’s no need to be a professional photographer or to have an expensive camera; pictures taken on a cellphone are welcome!

All images must be self-portraits.

Several people may appear in your photographs as long as you have the explicit permission of all persons who appear.

We will curate a selection of the photographs received to create poetic harmony on our feed.



Submitted photographs must have been created by you only.

By submitting your photos, you certify that you hold all the necessary rights and authorizations as well as the explicit consent of the persons who appear in your photographs for the publication of their face, body, work and name (if applicable). You also declare that all persons who appear in the photo have reached the age of majority before the production of your photographs.

By submitting your photos, you release Washing Dishes and its team from all responsibilities related to your photographs and assume the criticisms, complaints and lawsuits that may occur.


You authorize Washing Dishes, at its discretion, to post your photographs on its platform, in its newsletter, on its social networks (Facebook, Instagram, etc.).

Credit & Ownership

With the exception of anonymous submissions, we will always credit your photos wherever they are used. You always keep all rights to your photos.

No Guarantee

No guarantee of publication. We allow ourselves to refuse an application if it does not correspond to the values of the platform. We may refuse and remove photographs at any time to ensure rotation and general cohesion within the Washing Dished feed. You may request the removal of your photographs at any time by sending us a message.

You must be registered to submit your photos. If you are not, click here to register.

Thank you for your participation!

Submit as a guest (via email)

  1. Email title: Self Space Submission
  2. Full name (For submission purposes only)
  3. Credit Line (Can be anonymous, your name, nickname, or Instagram username.)
  4. Attach your photographs as attached files. (Maximum 5 photos per week. Send only your favorite photos.)
  5. By sending your photos, you are agreeing to accept the above conditions and regulations and to respect them.
  6. Send your message to