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  • Please allow 5 to 10 working days to receive your packages. International wait times could be longer.
  • No returns, exchanges or refunds.
  • If your purchase arrives damaged, please contact us with photos of the package and the product.
  • Please note that orders outside of Canada may be subject to customs charges upon receipt. These fees are payable by the customer.
  • Custom print sizes, express delivery, and sales of prints not listed in the store are often possible. Please send us a note with your request.



  • Each photo is printed on archival medium and stamped with a seal of authenticity on the back.
  • It is normal that printing on paper differs from viewing on screen in terms of brightness, color and contrast.
  • Size may differ slightly due to cutting the paper.
  • Prints are sold as is without frame or fixing.

PRINT HANDLING: It is advisable to use cotton gloves when touching or framing prints on paper as too much handling could create fingerprints. Prolonged exposure to the sun could yellow the paper or discolor the ink.

Vintages magazines

Vintage magazines are in used condition and may show some signs of wear. See the description of each product for more details.
Washing Dishes does not own any copyrights in these magazines, nor do they associate themselves with any way with their content.