About Washing dishes

Erotic art platform and artist collective

WASHING DISHES is a platform dedicated to exploring representations of intimacy and eroticism through visual poetry. By creating photo projects, videos, and GIFs, the collective makes space for wider representations of bodily and sexual diversity. A participatory component allows other artists to submit their projects and the public to share intimate self-portraits.

The team

Washing Dishes is the creative laboratory of two Montreal-based visual artists who share a passion for poetry, visual expression and the human body.

The platform explores themes of love, sex, desire and vulnerability.

All works, unless otherwise stated, have been created by the collective.

Visit the shop to purchase prints. All profits will support this platform and future projects.


Washing Dishes offers a space for the public to share their own visions of eroticism through intimate self-portraits. Submit to the Self Space.

Visual artists are also invited to submit projects engaging with themes of intimacy and eroticism to our curated feed. Visit the Project Submission page for more information.

For private and commercial photography, video services, partnerships, and all other inquiries contact:



Kathleen Speckert (Copy Editor), Chloé Landreville (logo), Dominique Yelle (logo animation), @Jared Brosius (LottieFiles), @netchimes technologies (LottieFiles), Allô Victor (Photo Editing)